Tap2Play.io's Privacy Policy


This is the privacy policy for games developed by Rémi Vansteelandt hosted under the tap2play.io domain, including but not limited to:

  • Earth's Greatest Defender
  • Ninja vs EVILCORP
  • SuperBrawl
  • Path to Glory
  • Glitchbuster

The full list of games may be found at https://tap2play.io/.

Games may be found under the tap2play.io and remvst.com domains, but may also be played through third-party publishers (see Third-party publisher integrations section).

Collected data

While playing the games, users may be asked to provide their nicknames.

Nicknames may be displayed to other users for various game-related purposes, such as:

  • In-game name in real-time multiplayer games
  • Scoreboard in real-time multiplayer games
  • Highscore in leaderboards

In the case of real-time multiplayer games, users may also send chat messages with other players. Messages will be broadcast to other players in the same game session.

We ask you not to share any personal information such as your real name, email, login information, address, credit card information...

Local data storage

While playing the games, data may be collected on the user's browser in the form of cookies or local storage.

Data may include:

  • Nickname
  • Game settings (audio volume, key bindings, mouse sensitivity...)
  • Game progress (unlocked levels, achievements...)
  • User-created content (gameplay recording, user-created levels...)

Data may be cleared by the user by going to their browser settings.

Backend data storage

Gameplay data may be shared with a backend in order to power game-related features such as:

  • Scoreboard in real-time multiplayer games
  • Highscore in leaderboards
  • List of user-created levels
  • Game replay in asynchronous multiplayer games

Data is not shared with any analytics services.

Third-party publisher integrations

Games may be integrated and distributed through third-party publishers, including but not restricted to:

Integrations with third-party publishers may include advertisements and offer walls (watch an ad to ).

For privacy-related matters, the respective third-party publisher's privacy policy should be referenced.


For any questions around privacy, please reach out to Rémi Vansteelandt, by email at remvst *at * gmail.com.